Hey gals!

Met the biggest hottie at the weekend and have been texting him since. We met saturday and ended up kissing for about an hour in the club. That's not very like me, but believe me, this guy was far too gorgeous to ignore. So it was all getting a bit intimate but then I had to assist my friend who was sick in the toilet due to eating dinner just before going out and then having a shot of sambucca. I could have killed her. So off I went! When I had taken care of her, we went back out to dance and I then realised my hottie had dissapeared. He had to leave to pick up a friend and soon texted me to let me know. I couldn't stop thinking about him and our texts got a bit dirty. I'll have to tell you his first name here for a reason by the way. His name was 'Danny'.I later sent a text saying 'Ooh can't wait to get my hands all over you next time I see you, you are in for a treat'. Yes, I sent it to my DAD!!!
I could have actually died!

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