Hey girls

I went out Saturday night with this guy I have been seeing for a month or so.
I was a bit nervous before-hand as I knew we would be meeting his friends in a bar in town so I took extra care getting ready.
I wore my new red dress and was pretty happy with how I looked and off I went.
I'm sure you are wondering where this is going but believe me, your in for a treat (at my expense of course).
So I got a cab and met him in town and we went for a drink on our own first.
Basically, everything went fine until we met up with the boys.
I hadn't met many of them so I was prepared to be introduced to a few new faces.
We went to meet them in a tacky pub where we found them knocking back shots at the bar.
My fella started to introduce me to them and I began to ease up until I noticed automatically that I recognised one of them.
As he introduced me to one particular guy, I realised I had previously met him in a club.
I remembered the night only too vividly and went a deep shade of pink as he said hello.
He definitely tried not to react but you could tell he wasn't overly happy to see me.
He had chatted me up in a club in Liverpool only about 2 months previous and I had finally given him my number but never called or texted him back.
Now here I was, with my new boy, who is actually good friends with this guy. AWKWARD!
We have met since in a group but havn't mentioned how we recognise eachother, even though we both know!
Oh dear, the world really is too small.

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