Hey guys,

Im going to keep this one anonymous as this is really humiliating!
I recently met a guy in Liverpool and he took me out for the first time last friday night.
He took me to a gorgeous restaurant and I was really happy with how smooth-running the date was going.
I had been so nervous prior to the date and it didn't help with how much I fancied him but it was going great!
The waiter came over and asked us if we would like drinks so we ordered a nice bottle of Rioja.
He returned and asked me if I would like to taste it so I went right ahead.
Just as I was tasting the wine, my blackberry vibrated and I got such a fright that I squirmed so bad that I spluttered the wine everywhere and down my face and top!
I didn't realise I had left it on my lap...
I can't begin to describe the look of disgust on both my date and the waiters face.
He hasn't called since!
Oh well, at least I know he is not much fun!

Messy, Liverpool, 26

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