Here's a funny one for you!
So I was out last saturday night with all my girls and we were ready for a night full of dancing!
We were all in this club in Manchester getting our boogey on when I turned in a funny way and slipped on a drink spillage.
Not only did I slip and fall right on the spoiled floor, but the white dress i was wearing became fully see-through!
Thing is, I wasn't wearing the most 'respectable' underwear as i didnt want any granny knickers on show, so you could literally see my bum cheeks!
I can safely say I had to spend a good 20 minutes under a hand-dryer in the bathroom, but because it was on my bum, it wasn't the most compromising position.
Perfect timing for a photo? I think not!
My friends thought differently..

Scarlett cheeks, 22

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